“I kissed 5 bucks goodbye.”

“Why do I have to do it with him?”

“I think the Show is a Success.”

September 18, 2019

Well, I will be having outpatient surgery tomorrow in Nashville, so I will not be posting for a few days (hopefully less). I will be having some bone spurs removed from my right elbow (of all places) which is my writing arm! I will try to slip one more show in tonight (Wednesday). I like to thank Scott, also from Tennessee, for sending me five VHS tapes of Roger and guest! I am still on his first tape! Anyone else have a cache of Siskel and Ebert tapes buried away somewhere? Thanks!

August 4, 2019

Hi Everyone! A few days ago, I started uploading Siskel & Ebert videos again. I took three months off, so I can take care of some personal matters; plus, update another website of mine dealing with astronomy. I liked what I saw with this website, so I did the same to my other site.

Good news…I finally figured out (the other day) how to embed the videos from the IMDb website dealing with the Sneak Preview shows. I have three shows embed already from 1982. I will stay working on 1982, until I have all the Sneak Preview shows embed. This will allow me to free-up some disk space on the server I am using – which is great!

My goal, now, is to try to find the remaining shows, that Roger hosted, dealing with a variety of guests including Richard Roeper. I did receive some static about adding these shows (that did not include Gene) on the old site.  I personally have very few shows on hand dealing with Richard Roeper. Roeper was with Roger from 2000 through 2008. What do you think?

December 24, 2018

Hi everyone! I have decided to reopen this website with some changes as you can see. My main reasons for closing the first site were due to the ISP, software and money.

ISP I won’t get into, but the software on the site was horrible. There were corrections that needed to be made on a constant basis, and I could not do it. The people I bought the software from wanted several hundred dollars for each correction!

Now, in relationship to the shows, I only have ~ 150 uploaded out of five or six hundred. Each show has to be converted from an flv format to an mp4 (h.264) format. This increases the file size by 30%, so normally; each file upload is around 130 megabytes in size.

Plus, I have to review each show for content. The old files all look like this – 13072959941c479.flv. The old software would convert each upload to the flv format with no indication what the show was!

So I know some of you are chomping at the bit for your favorite show to be reloaded, but I can’t do anything about it. Each show has to be converted, and then I watch the content to identify the show.

I then upload each file, and then place it into WordPress which takes around thirty minutes per file. Sadly, but with some patience from you, I should have everything back up by March or April.

So, we are here with a WordPress website. So far, I like what I see. What do you think? Please register and comment! I am sure there is plenty of room for improvement which I look forward to!

And finally, and to not to belabor the point, but would you please help me with the cost of maintaining this website? I have a PayPal page which you can find on the menu bar, above, and here. Please help and thank you!