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The Disney Years – 1987

Best of 1986

Worst of 1986

The Stepfather, Duet for One, Wanted: Dead or Alive, Hoosiers

Cult Movies on Videocassette

Radio Days, Critical Condition, Outrageous Fortune, Restless Natives

Over the Top, 84 Charing Cross Road, Death Before Dishonor, Working Girls

If We Picked the Oscars

Extreme Prejudice, Marlene, Personal Services, Sweet Lorraine

Previews of Coming Attractions

Guilty Pleasures

Beverly Hills Cop II, Amazing Grace and Chuck, Ishtar, The Chipmunk Adventure

The Untouchables, Harry and the Hendersons, The Witches of Eastwick AND Video Nasties

Predator, The Believers, Million Dollar Mystery, Salvation

Full Metal Jacket, Spaceballs, Roxanne, Benji the Hunted

Dragnet, Adventures in Babysitting, Innerspace

Buried Treasures (incomplete)

RoboCop, The Squeeze, Snow White, Withnail and I

La Bamba, Whistleblower, Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise, Jean de Florette

Jaws: The Revenge, A Man in Love, Summer School, Wish You Were Here

The Living Daylights, Maid to Order, The Lost Boys, Stakeout

Back to the Beach, Nadine, Dirty Dancing, Rita Sue and Bob Too

Siskel & Ebert – Rated R

Previews of Coming Attractions Revisited (incomplete)

The Big Easy, The Fourth Protocol, No Way Out, Tampopo

Hollywood’s Outdated Ratings System

Hollywood’s New Vandalism

Chuck Berry Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll, Like Father Like Son, Baby Boom, Big Shots, Matewan

Made in Heaven, Less Than Zero, Hello Again, Russkies, Hiding Out

The Career and Films of Barbra Streisand

Holiday Video Gift Guide

The Duxorcist, Walker, Manon of the Spring, The Dead, Happy New Year

Wall Street, Throw Momma from the Train, Broadcast News, Empire of the Sun

Moonstruck, Overboard, September, *batteries not included, Ironwood

Good Morning Vietnam, Leonard Part 6, Eddie Murphy Raw, Housekeeping, Siesta

Heat, Lethal Weapon, Lily Tomlin, Raising Arizona

5 thoughts on “The Disney Years – 1987

  • I’m posting a list of episodes that appear to be missing from this year to aid people who might have some of these to post. I used the episode guide at thetvdb to compare against what’s here. Quite a few big-name movies are missing from this year. Also note that the “Radio Days” episode does not show up on this page for some reason, but there is an entry for it on this web site that actually just links to its YouTube review:
    S01E20 Black Widow/From the Hip/Light of Day/Dead of Winter (2/7/1987)
    S01E22 Tin Men/Some Kind of Wonderful/Angel Heart/A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors (2/28/1987)
    S01E24 Heat/Lethal Weapon/Lily Tomlin/Raising Arizona (3/14/1987)
    S01E25 Burglar/Hollywood Shuffle/Street Smart/Beyond Therapy (3/21/1987)
    S01E26 Blind Date/Dolls/The Hanoi Hilton/Swimming to Cambodia (3/28/1987)
    S01E27 Making Mr. Right/Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn/Secret of My Success/Prick Up Your Ears (4/11/1987)
    S01E28 Project X/Wild Thing/Heaven/Gothic (4/18/1987)
    S01E31 Gardens of Stone/The River’s Edge (5/9/1987)
    S02E01 Fatal Attraction/The Principal/Orphans/Amazon Women on the Moon/In the Mood (9/19/1987)
    S02E02 The Princess Bride/China Girl/The Big Town/The Pick-Up Artist/I’ve Heard the Mermaids Sing (9/26/1987)
    S02E04 Surrender/Someone to Watch Over Me/Dancers/House of Games/Maurice (10/10/1987)
    S02E05 Suspect/Killing Time/Barfly/Weeds/Hope and Glory (10/17/1987)
    S02E06 The Sicilian/Prince of Darkness/No Man’s Land/The Glass Menagerie/The Whales of August (10/24/1987)
    S02E08 Fatal Beauty/The Hidden/Cry Freedom/Dark Eyes (11/7/1987)
    S02E09 The Last Emperor/Cross My Heart/The Running Man/Sign o’ the Times/Steel Dawn (11/14/1987)
    S02E10 Planes, Trains and Automobiles/Cinderella/Three Men and a Baby/Date with an Angel/Teen Wolf Too (11/18/1987)

  • I noticed a user named Jesse commented on another section of this site that most of the missing 1987 “Lethal Weapon” episode is posted on YouTube in multiple parts. Search for these posted by Vhs Vcr:
    Siskel and Ebert review Heat starring Burt Reynolds (1987)
    Siskel and Ebert review Lethal Weapon At The Movies (1987)
    Lily Tomlin Documentary One Woman Show (1987) At The Movies Siskel & Ebert
    Home Video Recommendations for the Week (1987) Siskel and Ebert

    • And the same guy has a second account called VCR VHS where he posted the Raising Arizona review:
      Siskel and Ebert review Raising Arizona At The Movies (1987)

  • Some of the missing reviews are on the Official Roger Ebert youtube channel, though they’re cut up into individual reviews rather than whole episodes. For example it has all five of the reviews from “S02E02 The Princess Bride/China Girl/The Big Town/The Pick-Up Artist/I’ve Heard the Mermaids Sing.” Does that channel not approve of them being linked here?

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