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6 thoughts on “Howard Stern with Siskel & Ebert, 10/14/1988 (Audio Only)

  • This was 1988. Their discussion of the Presidential debate between Bush and Dukakis gives it away.

    • Well the debates would have been in Spetember/October of 87. I don’t know, I couldn’t make it through the first two minutes. Stern is unbearable. The Skinny guy and the fat guy? Who does Stern think he is? He’s the ugly guy.

    • The last Bush/Dukakis debate was on 10/13/1988. They mention the movies Alien Nation which they reviewed on 10/8/1988 and Madame Sousatzka which they reviewed on 10/15/1988.

  • I found that the old site had a file called “Gene and Roger on Howard Stern (10/14/1988)” that was 56:49 long. This file was probably edited down from that one. Maybe commercials were removed.

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