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The Disney Years – 1986

Touch and Go, ‘night Mother, Blue Velvet, Where the River Runs Black

Peggy Sue Got Married, That’s Life, Crocodile Dundee, The Name of the Rose

Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Tough Guys, Children of a Lesser God, Round Midnight

The Color of Money, Sid & Nancy, Down by Law, Clockwise

Something Wild, The Mission, Hoosiers, Sky Bandits (reconstructed)

The Mosquito Coast, Streets of Gold, Rate It X

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, An American Tail, Firewalker, Nutcracker

Buried Treasures

Heartbreak Ridge, Solarbabies, Little Shop of Horrors, Defense of the Realm

Three Amigos, The Golden Child, Crimes of the Heart, Modern Girls

Platoon, Lady and the Tramp, No Mercy

The Morning After, Native Son, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Mother Teresa

52 PICK-UP, Nobody’s Fool, Tai-Pan, The Sacrifice

Captain EO

One thought on “The Disney Years – 1986

  • This section appears to be missing two episodes according to the episode guide on thetvdb. I also noticed Best of 1986 is double-filed in both this section and The Disney Years – 1987, but it appears to have aired on 1/3/1987:
    S01E06 Soul Man/Half Moon Street/From Beyond/True Stories (10/25/1986)
    S01E08 52 Pick-Up/Nobody’s Fool/Tai Pan/The Sacrifice (11/8/1986)

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