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2 thoughts on “The Public Television Years

  • This menu doesn’t have a choice for 1978, but there are several episodes out there tagged as 1978. The Superman episode is tagged 1978 but shows up in the 1979 menu section.

  • So, first I want to recommend the new eight part “Gene and Roger” podcast. While it does cover familiar territory (including the rough start during the public television years), it contains several new interviews. I suspect that Raftery utilized this website a lot in doing his research. Second, in clicking through a summary page highlighting the podcast on, I noticed that back on July 22 Chaz wrote “stay tuned for the official Siskel & Ebert website, coming soon.” Wow. This has already been a good year, with many shows unearthed, but that might not be all. So what could the “official” site feature? Well, unless the site is going to be light on content, surely it will feature reviews from the Siskel/Ebert era. We can hope that they’ll be posting shows that are not currently available. While we probably won’t be seeing any more of the public television shows, there are still a lot of the 80s and 90s shows missing. And hopefully complete shows will be posted, rather than individual reviews. If the idea was just to post individual reviews, I think they would use YouTube like they currently do with the “Official Roger Ebert” YouTube channel. As for where the shows would be coming from, Roger wrote once about having tapes of the shows (not the public television ones though). It is also possible that ownership rights to the shows passed to the Siskel and Ebert families. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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