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4 thoughts on “A Christmas Story, Star 80, Running Brave, Streamers, 1983 (incomplete)

  • Do you have the entire episode? I really want to see their original review for Star 80.

    • Eddie – They did a review in one of the shows as a video pick of the week. Here it is . I ran out of tape that night, sadly. I have heard that Bob Fosse estate, has a copy of the show, but I haven’t been able to reach them.

      • Yeah I saw the video pick and the their best of 83 review. I’m just obsessed with this film. I think it’s a masterpiece. Sadly it has gone mostly unnoticed. There is very little discussion about it, no blu-ray release, no documentaries, nothing.

        • At the end of the James Bond episode on this page, they have a teaser for the episode with Star 80. And at the end of the Top 10 Videocassettes in the Country episode on this page, there is a full video of Gene Siskel’s “local newscast” review of Star 80. Note that online episode guides are not accurate for this period of time. They have the Videocassette episode airing right after the James Bond episode and don’t have any episode listing at all for the Star 80 episode.

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