Roger Ebert & the Movies 2000

M:I-2, Running Free, Passion of Mind, Big Momma’s House

Dinosaur, Road Trip, Small Time Crooks, Shanghi Noon, Quantum Project

Battlefield Earth, Michael Jordan to the Max, Hamlet, The Big Kahuna, Center Stage

Gladiator, Up At the Villa, Committed, I Dreamed of Africa, The Virgin Suicides

The Beach, Holy Smoke, Snow Day

U-571, Love & Basketball, Joe Gould’s Secret, Gossip, Pups

Ebert & Scorsese: Best Films of the 1990S

The Bill Clinton Interview

Simpatico, Titus, The Third Miracle, AND, Memo to the Academy

Titan A.E., Shaft, Boys and Girls, Jesus’ Son, Pop & Me

Me Myself & Irene, Chicken Run, The Patriot

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