Roger Ebert & the Movies – 2000

Best of 1999

Worst of 1999

Simpatico, Titus, The Third Miracle AND Memo to the Academy

The Bill Clinton Interview

The Beach, Holy Smoke, Snow Day

Ebert & Scorsese: Best Films of the 1990s

Drowning Mona, My Dog Skip, What Planet Are You From?, The Next Best Thing, Miss Julie

If We Picked the Winners (incomplete)

U-571, Love & Basketball, Joe Gould’s Secret, Gossip, Pups

Where the Heart Is, The Last September, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, Frequency, Timecode, That’s the Way I Like It

Gladiator, Up at the Villa, Committed, I Dreamed of Africa, The Virgin Suicides

Battlefield Earth, Michael Jordan to the Max, Hamlet, The Big Kahuna, Center Stage

Dinosaur, Road Trip, Small Time Crooks, Shanghai Noon, Quantum Project

Mission: Impossible 2, Running Free, Passion of Mind, Big Momma’s House

Titan A.E., Shaft, Boys and Girls, Jesus’ Son, Pop & Me

Me Myself & Irene, Chicken Run, The Patriot, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Panic

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