3 thoughts on “Dinosaur, Road Trip, Small Time Crooks, Shanghai Noon, Quantum Project, 2000

  • September 22, 2019 at 10:03 am

    I agree with Roger and Michaela about Disney’s “Dinosaur”. I really loved this movie A lot. I thought it was exciting. I liked the way that the dinosaurs and lemurs looks. The imagery was really 3-D, like “Jurassic Park” had some fantastic special effects. I like Aladar, he’s a charming character. He and his family’s home was destroyed by the meteor showers. So they had to find a new home, then they followed these all the members of dinosaurs. It’s like Dom Bluth’s “The Land Before Time”, where Littlefoot and his friends had to find the Great Valley to meet their families there. This one is a fantasy life. A marginal thumbs up for me on “Dinosaur”.

    Dinosaur (2000) 3.5/4 👍👍👍

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