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3 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath, I’m the One That I Want, Croupier, Loser, Time Regained, 2000

  • RIchard Roeper makes a great connection of Carrie (1976), Fatal Attraction, Sleeping with the Enemy, Martin Scorsese’s Cape Fear and Gone with the Wind. Love it when movie critics give examples of movies when doing a review, especially for ones where they give it a thumbs down lol

  • That movie Loser was the worst. What a depressing, vile,ugly film.

  • Wow, I couldn’t disagree more about What Lies Beneath. I was completely captivated, scared and enamored with this movie. What a shallow review. What about the performances? What about the awesome style its crammed with? And the spooky atmosphere it creates brilliantly? How could they make fun of the woman next door? Its classic misdirection and the whole movie is Hitchcock on steroids. I loved it. Disappointed in you guys!

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