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Worst of 1999

Guest Critic – Joel Siegel (Good Morning America)

Wild Wild West, Jakob the Liar, Message in a Bottle, Inspector Gadget, My Favorite Martian, The Story of Us, Forces of Nature, Lake Placid, Cruel Intentions, Jawbreaker, Magnolia, The Messenger, Baby Geniuses, Pokémon: The First Movie

Roger’s Worst Pick for 1999 – Baby Geniuses

Joel’s Worst Pick for 1999 – Pokémon The First Movie

7 thoughts on “Worst of 1999

  • I’ve never, ever seen Baby Geniuses though I have to agree with Roger, this movie along with its sequel and its series in general should have never ever seen the light of day.

  • Well, I like Bob Clark’s Xmas memories of growing up in Indiana. But, not his memories of infants or adolescents.

    • A Christmas Story was not written by Bob Clark, he was just the director. The movie is based on Jean Shepherd’s excellent novel “In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash.” Those are his memories. The voice narrating the film is Shepherd’s.

  • I loved Magnolia and Cruel Intentions was okay. But how can Joel say that about Kevin Costner? He didn’t like JFK or A Perfect World, the dummy?

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