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8 thoughts on “Snow Falling On Cedars, Play It To The Bone, Angela’s Ashes, Girl Interrupted, The Terrorist, 2000

  • Where did you find this one? I’ve been looking around online for this one and many others from early 2000. Do you have more?

    • I am still going over my collection, Michael. Hopefully!

        • Hey Patrick, I am going over my dvds now, one-by-one. I moved 2 years ago, so I am still sifting through boxes. AND, I am helping AndyFilms in finding some of the Sneak Preview shows after Roger and Gene left (which is the main reason I am finding some of these shows). I am always hoping to find another one!

          • BTW, remember Flaccidus Minimus, who posted the Best of shows of 2001-2005 on his channel? Because I lost all respect for him! It turns out that he has this huge ego with his hatred of the 80s. He acts like his path is the right one to follow, dismisses the cultural impact of certain films and talks down to viewers who enjoy them more than he does, and he’s just a deliberate liar! The 80s may not be as good as the 70s. but the best 80s films deserved their reputations for their entertainment value.

          • 2022 is easily one of the worst years of my life! From my debates with the pretentious Flaccidus Minimus, to the recent death of my cousin at age 21, this is a painful year for me!

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