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9 thoughts on “Gladiator, Up at the Villa, Committed, I Dreamed of Africa, The Virgin Suicides, 2000

  • Despite the disagreements, is it just me, or does Roger seem a little ill at ease, exaggerated, forced (e.g. flailing arms, forced smiles at the wrong times, loud registers in voice, facial expressions, wild tilts of the body), and rude to Joyce (e.g. cutting her off to get his points through without completely listening to her, shouting at her, boxing gestures towards the end)?

    I also think that Joyce is one of his best co-hosts in terms of spontaneity, fervour, verbal wit, insights, and chemistry, and would have been a great permanent host.

    Roger’s argument for Gladiator is cringe-inducing and he was unnecessarily condescending and harsh to Joyce.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more Jesse, Gladiator’s a great film and Joyce is quite right about the Oscar predictions for the film, Roger thinks Gladiator is overrated, well let me tell you what is the most overrated film of the year, Emperor’s New Groove, so live long and suck it!!

  • I guess Roger was “not entertained”. Roger, you were my all-time favorite critic, but you’re WAY off on this review, and you were pretty rude to Joyce! Gladiator was rousing entertainment, it looked great, and Crowe and Phoenix were very compelling enemies. This ranks a close second to “Home Alone 3” on the list of Roger’s most senseless reviews.

    • Clifford, Roger doesn’t give up on his Gladiator bashing after this review. He even trashed it in Charlie Rose.

  • I;m not a fan of Kuhawik. But there’s no excuse for Roger’s behavior in this episode.

  • Well, I did always appreciate Roger sticking to his guns, especially when he’s in the minority. It’s still doesn’t excuse his rude treatment of Joyce. Maybe he thought he was still dealing with Gene. But it worked with Gene because he was equally obsessive with being right. That’s not true of the other critics.

  • I am glad that I am not the only one who thinks Roger was rude to Joyce.

  • This may be an unpopular opinion, but I actually agree with Roger on Gladiator. I do disagree with him on the cinematography (it’s a Ridley Scott film, it has to look great), but I felt that the story was thin and the characters were not really interesting. The only interesting character in the film for me is the villain, since he’s really the center focus of the movie.

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