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7 thoughts on “Battlefield Earth, Michael Jordan to the Max, Hamlet, The Big Kahuna, Center Stage, 2000

  • I love Jordan but they were in the Chicago media, they knew the real Jordan and what a jerk jerk he could be.

  • Thanks for providing the tapes Scott! I like that these “special guests” episodes are going to be on the site.

  • Wow! Battlefield Earth is clearly on the Mt. Rushmore of all-time bad movies! Just the look of this movie makes “Heaven’s Gate” look like “Blade Runner”! Any newly captured fame Travolta picked up from “Pulp Fiction” was completely wiped out by this ugly piece of garbage! And he wanted to do a SEQUEL to this? Gene Siskel would’ve had a ball bashing this!

    The recently aired “The Last Dance” was a much better and more thoughtful documentary on Jordan and the Bulls. And yes, Michael was a real jerk at times, but it was his way of getting his team to be on the same page as him. It worked with Pippen, Rodman, and the supporting veteran players in the 1990’s. It didn’t work with the young players on the Washington Wizards at the end of Jordan’s career.

    • Battlefield Earth is basically Travolta’s ego trip. He always wanted to make the film, but Travolta was in a slump back in the 80’s. Then Pulp Fiction saved his career, went back to Battlefield Earth, and let success go through his head.

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