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8 thoughts on “Radio Days, Critical Condition, Outrageous Fortune, Restless Natives, 1987

  • If you go to imdb for at the movies or siskel and ebert, you can see the date a show aired, what movies they reviewed that week and so. Is there a way to watch an episode on there? It talks about adding to watch list. I tried that and I can’t figure it out.

  • Yeah, you’re right Larry. Except for Sneak Previews, no one else has added anything from other incarnations of the show. If anything comes up, Youtube is the best place to keep an eye on. Also, the add to watchlist function is simply a feature to remind the IMDB user to keep an eye out for; but it’s not a video-streaming platform.

  • “As American films have become more and more juvenile…” Even in 1987, Gene was catching on with Hollywood’s blockbuster mentality. And that’s 10 years after Star Wars.

  • all movies they review are comedies, i only recommended Radio days because its classic pure entertainment & best film hes ever done since PURPLE ROSE OF CARIO

  • This video does not show up on the list when you go in the menu and select The Disney Years – 1987. Does it need a 1987 tag added to it in order for it to show up there?

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  • So just watched this in conjunction with the movies reviewed and are we really not gonna talk about how the quality of video and sound is so choppy entire chunks of the reviews are missing and only the summaries preserved…?

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