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11 thoughts on “Crazy/Beautiful, Baby Boy, Pootie Tang, Lost and Delirious, The Crimson Rivers, Himalaya, 2001

    • You are welcome, Jesse! Found another one tonight where Ebert and Roeper review A.I. and Dr. Dolittle 2. I will try to get that up tomorrow night.

      • Keep them coming Larry! You’re doing great work on keeping the memories of Siskel and Ebert alive! Hopefully you can find the episode from the Roeper era when they reviewed Bones. It’s probably been a decade since I’ve seen that review. I thought Roger was hilarious, with him describing the scene with a dog projectile-vomiting maggots.

  • The episode won’t play. Says there is an error.

    • Hi Michael, I just tried it on my iPhone, and it is working. You may want to try it in a different browser.

  • Roeper completely missed the boat on the Baby Boy review. I mean I definitely agree with Ebert. You are not supposed to like Jody in this film. His character is basically the epitome of a “baby boy” who eventually grows up into a man through his trials and tribulations all the while doing it in the hood. Baby Boy is not as good as Boyz n the Hood but it is just as good as Menace 2 Society and Poetic Justice.

    • Really? I wouldn’t recommend Baby Boy. It’s not awful, it’s a fun little movie but it’s corny and Roeper is right, the characters kind of suck. I can’t take any of them seriously. So much over acting going on.

    • I’m with Roper. I just don’t like that actor, he sucks. Some people just have that screen presence where you like their character regardless of what he or she does. Tupac, who was supposed to play this part would have been amazing in this like he was in everything else. I forgot this actor’s name but he is NOT a leading man.

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