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6 thoughts on “Beverly Hills Cop II, Amazing Grace and Chuck, Ishtar, The Chipmunk Adventure, 1987

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  • Pretty passionate trashing of Beverly Hills Cop II. Unfortunately, except for Coming to America and Boomerang, Murphy’s movies would only get worse from here with more action retreads of BHC and 48 HRS. Two movies on this show would wind up on their Worst of 1987 show. Hilarious Chipmunk imitation by Roger.

    • And he gave the 2007 live action film 2 stars!!!!!! He was no longer on the show though. I would’ve loved to see him discuss that film with Richard.

  • They were both on the rag here with Beverly Hills Cop 2. A great sequel, with a lot of fun gags and solid action. Better than the original? No. But a worthy follow-up for sure.

  • Siskel and Ebert really hit their groove during this year. Not only do they get emotional and funny during their disagreements, but also during their trashings of bad movies. Beverly Hills Cop II and Ishtar were fun to listen to (even if you don’y agree with BHC2) and so was Like Father Like Son. Their thrashings of Jaws the Revenge and Leonard Part 6 were all-time classics!

    • I’m actually one of the few who likes Beverly Hills Cop II, although in fairness I didn’t like Beverly Hills Cop III very much.

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