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They’ll Do It Every Time: Things That Movie Critics Get Tired of Hearing and Seeing (Movie Clichés), 1988

The Talking Killer, Overturned Fruit Cart, Don’t Get in That Car, The Hero Stumbles, The Product Placement, Sticking Your Hand Where It Shouldn’t Be, Kids Are Smart but Not the Parents, Somebody in the Back Seat of a Car, Continuity Errors

Off Limits, Dirty Harry, Hard to Hold, The Delta Force, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Critters, Friday the 13th Part VI, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, For Keeps, License to Drive, The Killing Time, Stakeout, Fletch, American Flyers, Rocky IV, Moonraker, Maid to Order, No Man’s Land, Superman II, Extremities, Wild Thing, Dead of Winter, Jaws: The Revenge, The Untouchables

8 thoughts on “They’ll Do It Every Time: Things That Movie Critics Get Tired of Hearing and Seeing (Movie Clichés), 1988

  • Hilarious! Love the talking, hesitating killer, the product placement, and the fruit cart. Can’t miss the wavy line, or the slow motion melons!

  • This was mentioned on the old website, but notice that after they complain about Sean Connery’s shirt button in the Untouchables being open and closed between shots, their own shirt buttons are buttoned for a shot, then unbuttoned again, which is regular for them. I guess they did it as a joke.

  • Gene says that James Bond is the worst offender of the product placement. Now the title belongs to Adam Sandler. That’s part of the reasons why he should stop making so many lowbrow comedies.

  • IMDB says this aired on April 8, 1989. Also, andyfilm has posted a copy on YouTube that isn’t chopped at the beginning under the title Siskel & Ebert Classics – 4/7/89 – “They’ll Do It Every Time”.

    • OK, I see the tease at the end for an episode from 9/24/1988. IMDB must be using the date from a rerun of this episode.

      • Hello, whammy. Yes, it might’ve been a rerun. And I see some people have copied videos on here to put on youtube. With andyfilm, I wonder if those are his own. He has a few that aren’t on here that I hope can get put up here.

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