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4 thoughts on “Made in Heaven, Less Than Zero, Hello Again, Russkies, Hiding Out, 1987

  • That last comment – Falcon and the Snowman bored me to tears. I was moved by Less Than Zero, and having had some family members die of similar causes the film portrays, I have not really wanted to see it again.

  • So Corbin Bernsen and Shelley Long appeared not only in Frozen Assets, but Hello Again. Also, Gene mentioned St. Elmo’s Fire in his review of Less than Zero. He didn’t mention that Andrew McCarthy was in both films.

  • I thought Less Than Zero sucked but not for the reasons Gene mentioned. I just thought it was poorly made. It was cheesy. Robert Downey was overacting…badly. Jamie Gertz is just bad in everything, Andrew McCarthy is as bland and boring as an unsalted cracker.

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