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Best of 1986

Peggy Sue Got Married, Blue Velvet, The Fly, Round Midnight, Children of a Lesser God, Platoon, Mona Lisa, A Room with a View, Vagabond, Hannah and Her Sisters, Hard Choices, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Trouble in Mind, Lucas, Vagabond, Sid & Nancy

8 thoughts on “Best of 1986

  • I can’t believe Gene put The Fly on his best ten list. There were sick moments in that, plus the ending made no sense. Did they even review this film on this show?

    • I remember that in the Daily News, the paper I read, it got one star.

    • There were gross out shots, like when he spits out stuff and when he uses the acid in his body to burn off the arm of the friend of Ronnie. How did Gene not think, “That’s sick,”????? I can handle violence and gross out stuff, but I have my limits. It even ends without the resolution of the pregnancy.

  • 1986 was not a great year for movies. Sure, there are good movies that have come out in the year, but in general, it wasn’t a great year, so I disagree with Siskel and Ebert.

    • Platoon is pretty overrated in my opinion. It’s not bad but Charlie Sheen is NOT his father. It’s a weak performance.

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