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6 thoughts on “RoboCop, The Squeeze, Snow White, Withnail and I, 1987

  • I cannot get enough of Roger’s fifty-second-long rant about forgetting even the title for The Squeeze before he has even begun reviewing the film: it is hilarious. I am inclined to agree with him, though: what a horrible and instantly-forgettable title for a film.

  • Robocop is best classic action picture & Snow White is classic animated for kids

  • Robocop will always be in my top 5. Amazing movie and it holds up amazingly considering how corporations and corporate media have taken over our once great country.

  • Well this is classic. Roger with a long rant about how bad the title is and how impossible it is to remember anything in “The Squeeze”, followed by Gene wanting to get his review over with ASAP and move on to the next picture. In some ways, that’s a worse indictment than a movie that’s memorably bad.

    Robocop is definitely one of the more intelligent and well-crafted violent action pictures.

    • And Snow White is still among Walt’s best animated films. Show kids Snow White instead of Power Rangers.

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