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3 thoughts on “Hollywood’s Outdated Ratings System, 1987

  • Ironically 3 years later there will be an alternative rating for the X and that is the NC-17, but it came short lived because of business people not telling the difference between the X and NC-17 and Showgirls which made the rating a laughing stock. It would have been great for Fifty shades of grey to be released with an NC-17 rather than toning it down for a R rating. Because NC-17 is much more appropriate and it defines the content of the film and I feel it should be shown, which would not only give NC-17 rating it’s dignity but for respect as well, and it’s too bad that business owners, theatre chains, video stores, and others won’t give it that.

    • Yes, a few years later there was a change in the ratings. They changed the X to NC-17 in the hopes of having an adults only rating. Gene and Roger did say it was a step in the right direction. The thing was would people run away from NC-17 or embrace it? Sadly, the latter happened. If you want to see the news on it, look at the show with Pacific Heights and Texasville in it. It is on here.

    • Well, remember what Gene said. Everyone had to work together for this to work. I think the problem is that studios wouldn’t allow NC-17 rated pictures to be made, NC-17 couldn’t be advertised, nor shown in theaters because their leases forbade it. But the biggest issue is that they would have to enforce it. So someone comes up to the ticket window who is underage and they have to turn away the person and lose money, which no one wants to do.

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