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7 thoughts on “Holiday Video Gift Guide, 1993

  • The last one they did, sadly. Notice also, it was only 30 minutes and they sat in the balcony? Wonder why they did that?

    • I was scratching my head on this one, too, when I was prepping it earlier!

    • I’m guessing the ratings had gone down and the stations weren’t interested in slotting in another special. It was an odd concept, having two middle-aged movie critics review children’s toys. I’m guessing they didn’t do another one of these as part of the regular show because people watching were more interested in movie reviews.

  • Maybe because more and more films were getting released, they didn’t have time to do this anymore?

  • Steven-Do you remember posting comments on the Ebert post about this very topic? It’s right here-

    Also, did you guys try contacting Andy Dursin back then? He’s the guy who uploaded the holiday videos and evidently other S&E shows under the youtube channel TheAisleSeatCom, which no longer exists. He says in the comment that he had 20 DVDs full of shows.

    • Yes I do recall that. Sorry I didn’t respond until now.

    • He ended up returning to YouTube as andyfilm recently and is still in the process of posting his whole collection. I didn’t realize until now that he has a long-running web site with a movie review blog and a message board:

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