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Dragnet, Adventures in Babysitting, Innerspace, 1987

This post shows all the cues and gaps the tv stations would download for each show (for what it’s worth).

Special Tribute: the late Fred Astaire: Swing Time, Flying Down to Rio, The Gay Divorcee, Easter Parade, Finian’s Rainbow, Silk Stockings

2 thoughts on “Dragnet, Adventures in Babysitting, Innerspace, 1987

  • Innerspace ends in a weird way, like it is setting itself up for a sequel. See the film and you’ll understand.

    • No it doesn’t. The movie tries to set up a sequel but what it also does is bring Martin Short’s character full circle in which is now alot stronger physically and mentally to face dangers head on unlike the opening half of the film where he is just scared and timed to do anything in his life that involves risks unlike Dennis Quaid’s character who is all risk at first and also changes especially who everyone perceives his persona much like Short’s to those who know him personally. Also seeing his unborn child when he was inside Meg Ryan was also a game changer for him that it was time for him to stop risking their relationship. It would’ve been great to have seen a sequel and I’m sure they did try to write one but definitely wouldn’t have been called Innerspace 2. Probably Jack Putter To The Rescue.

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