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10 thoughts on “Batman & Robin, Hercules, My Best Friend’s Wedding, For Roseanna, Ponette, 1997

  • Bitter sweet comment about their families taking over the show when they die. Joke then. Sad now. Its weird, when I put these shows on (like I do at work and listen), its truly as if they are very much alive. Its only occasionally that I say to myself, wow they are actually gone. Doesn’t seem like it.

  • Batman & Robin as a kid I admit I hated but Schwarzenegger was miscast as Mr Freeze. Uma Thurman was actually not that bad as Poison Ivy but probably the only good thing in that film was Alicia Silverstone as Batwoman.

    George Clooney…bad choice casting wise as Batman.

  • Gotta side with Gene on Hercules, I didn’t even care for that film, it was overrated in the first place and in my own opinion, it’s about as less fun as Princess Diana’s funeral. 😆😆😆

  • RIP, Joel Schumacher. I guess he can now thank Siskel and Ebert in heaven for their kind reviews of “The Wiz” and their semi-kind reviews (compared to other critics) of “Batman & Robin”.

    • Yeah 2 stars is too kind. And they were the only critics I know of who liked The Wiz.

      • Heard the sad news today about the death of Joel Schumacher, his movies were popular with movie audiences though many of them weren’t so popular with critics, e.g. Siskel and Ebert didn’t like The Incredible Shrinking Woman, D.C. Cab, St. Elmo’s Fire, The Lost Boys, Dying Young, The Client and last but not least Batman & Robin.

        The only Schumacher movie they both gave thumbs up to was Cousins from 1989.

        Ebert gave thumbs up to Flatliners, Falling Down and A Time To Kill, whilst Gene only gave thumbs up (marginally) to Batman Forever.

        R.I.P. Joel Schumacher (29 August 1939 – 22 June 2020)

  • Like Gene, I’m disappointed in 2 big summer movies in this episode, Batman and Robin and Hercules. Batman and Robin is the worst movie of the 2 films while Hercules is a mixed bag. It has some nice moments, but the tone is so confused.

  • Siskel said “we’ve liked the other pictures” when discussing Batman & Robin and Ebert gave him a blank stare. Ebert gave thumbs down to all three previous Batman movies.

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  • A lot of people blame Joel Schumaccer for the way Batman and Robin turned out, but that’s not actually his fault. What happened was that Warner Bros actually fast-tracked the film so the movie can sell lunch boxes and action figures. Schumaccer actually apologized for how the movie turned out and he’s sorry he upset the fans, but it was never his intention. I respect him for that. The movie was a job for him and he did what he was told.

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