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3 thoughts on “The Cable Guy, Stealing Beauty, Moll Flanders, Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D., Switchblade Sisters, Madame Butterfly, 1996

  • I hated The Cable Guy. I’ll never forget it – we brought someone to see it who had never seen a Carey movie. We were all in the mood for some good funny Carey like The Mask. Instead we got this disturbing, ugly train wreck of a film. And I was always rooting for Carey, I knew of his talent during In Living Color.

  • Well, I suppose it depends on your point of view going in. At the time, many Carrey fans either weren’t prepared for or didn’t accept him as a diseased stalker, as opposed to a bumbling hero. If you accept The Cable Guy as a dark black comedy, it worked for me. Carrey’s character was influenced by watching too much TV. That kind of reminds me of myself in a way.

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