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3 thoughts on “The Best of 2002

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  • Minority Report opened to critical acclaim when it first came out, but nobody seems to care for that movie these days and very few understood what all the hype was about. It’s a mindless popcorn movie that pretends to be smart about determination and free will, when in reality, the story makes little to no damn sense!

    To be fair with this episode though, there are some good movies on this list, particulary Spirted Away.

  • Hey Larry! I honestly lost all respect to Flaccidus Minimus! It all started when I was scrolling down S&E’s worst of 1989 episode on his channel. One of the commenter’s said that he didn’t think Ghostbusters 2 was that bad and FM agreed, but then he treated his opinions like fact when he wrote that “neither film are anything special and they primarily worked with Bill Murray improvising.”

    I don’t mind if he praised Bill Murray, but when he talks about the supporting characters in the first movie, that’s when he really started to piss me off. Not only did I think that’s invalid criticism, he egotistically thinks it is valid. He blocked me from commenting on his videos, meaning that when I turn my account off, my comments are nowhere to be seen.

    Oh, there’s more. He also has a huge bias towards the 80s, and he thinks those who thinks that the 80s was a great decade for movies were “deluded nostalgiacs.” Sure, Siskel and Ebert find the 80s to be a major let down after the richness of the 70s, but FM goes out of his way by acting like those who disagree with either him or S&E are total morons. And another person debated with him on Ghostbusters and he thinks that the film’s reputation was “unjustly bloated by nostalgiacs who have the warm fuzzies of the pop culture of that period.” Flaccidus Minimus is one of the most pretentious, egotistical, hypocritical people I have ever come accross on the Internet!

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