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5 thoughts on “Christine, Silkwood, Sudden Impact, Thriller, 1983

  • Christine – I’m surprised they liked it. I was pretty disappointed with it, but not because its a bad movie (it isn’t) but because I was ready for Carpenter to move on to “adult”. What I mean by that, is no more movies about teenagers. The Thing’s cast was so great, all these middle aged men. Not kids. Well, that’s how I felt then.

  • Their review of Michael Jackson’s Thriller is easily one of their worst reviews. They really do not understand how the music video worked at all.

  • A rare show where I’ve seen all the movies. So now my .02:

    I thought Christine was fun. It’s not a traditional Stephen King horror movie. This one was more for laughs than violence and it worked for me. I especially like Keith Gordon’s obsession over the car and how it transformed him.

    Silkwood was excellent and Streep gave her usual great portrayal. It was an even better woman-fights-the-system movie than “Norma Rae”. It also gave Cher her breakthrough role than launched her into acting stardom.

    I agree with Gene with Sudden Impact. Although that “make my day” line was legendary, the villain was weak and I thought it was just a retread of the other Dirty Harry movies.

    They really didn’t get the point of Thriller. It was a fun extended music video and not really a movie. As a music video, it was one of the all-time best.

    • I agree. Their review of Thriller is one of their worst reviews.

  • Christine-Buying a car from Marley isn’t exactly a good idea. By the way, as for Thriller, I don’t care about music videos, never did.

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