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The Early Line – The Academy Awards, 2000

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Potential Academy Award Winners from the First Eight Months of the Year:
Best Picture – Wonder Boys, High Fidelity, Sunshine
Best Actress – Demi Moore (Passion of Mind), Rachel Griffiths (Me Myself I)
Best Actor – Ralph Fiennes (Sunshine), Billy Crudup (Jesus’ Son), Christian Bale (American Psycho)
Best Supporting Actress – Diane Lane (The Perfect Storm), Tracey Ullman (Small Time Crooks)
Best Supporting Actor – Bill Murray (Hamlet), Danny DeVito (The Big Kahuna)
Long Shots – Best Director – Sofia Coppola (The Virgin Suicides), Multiple Nominations for Hamlet

Now in Theaters – The Crew, Bring it On, An Affair of Love

New on Video – American Psycho, The Next Best Thing, Nashville

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