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4 thoughts on “Almost Famous, Crime + Punishment in Suburbia, Bait, Duets, Human Resources, 2000

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  • I haven’t seen Almost Famous but damn I MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!

    • The version to see is the what Cameron Crowe calls his “Bootleg or Untitled” cut which Paramount recently remastered and released along with the shorter 2 hours 2 Minute version on Blu Ray. The longer cut is superior in both character development and more performances by the Stillwater group in the film. This version is 2 Hours 45 Minutes and it is a shame that Dreamworks released it in a shortened version because there are alot of great moments in the longer cut that should’ve stayed in. Good thing that in 2001, Crowe released this version as “Untitled” on DVD well after the theatrical cut was released.
      If you’re going to see it finally…see this cut. Ebert and Roeper would’ve loved it.

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