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5 thoughts on “Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Great Outdoors, Aria, 1988

  • Who framed roger rabbit is classic film that’s entertainment all the way through, i was impress the way they combine humans & toons together is very well-done. i highly recommend for adults & kids.

  • Some sources say that The Little Mermaid started The Disney Renaissance, but I like to think that it was started by Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

  • Also, I agree with them on The Great Outdoors. It’s basically John Candy and Dan Akroyd going on vacation and doing dumb, forced hyjinks, kind of like… basically anything Adam Sandler has ever done.

  • I think Who Framed Roger Rabbit really helped start the idea of cartoons being made more sophisticated and aimed at adults. The Simpsons then took that ball and ran with it.

    The stick Siskel complains about in The Great Outdoors is really visible only because the clips the studio sent out were in “open matte” framing to fit a 4:3 aspect ratio. More image was visible on the top and bottom than was visible in the movie. You can look up this clip on YouTube and see that the widescreen framing covers up almost all of the stick such that you wouldn’t notice the little bit that’s visible if you weren’t looking for it.

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