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6 thoughts on “The Cowboy Way, Beverly Hills Cop III, Renaissance Man, The Flintstones, Little Buddha, 1994

  • My cousin was in Cowboy Way. He was a taxi driver.

  • Flintstones was yet another lame ass stinker, that I dragged my parents to see. It would almost ruin our day to see bad movies like this. I was 27ish in 94.

    • You are only a few years older than me. In 1994 I was 24. Also, why as an adult would you drag your parents to see a film?

    • The 2000 sequel sucked shit. This was marginally okay. The actors were better. And a funny thing: Rosie O’Donnell in this film did the voice of a character in the sequel and here Harvey Korman did a voice, yet appeared in the sequel!!!!!

  • S & E are right about The Flintstones. It’s just a live action version of the cartoon and nothing more! Nothing imaginative was added at all, and I hate Rosie as Betty!

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