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Broken Arrow, Black Sheep, Beautiful Girls, A Midwinter’s Tale, Antonia’s Line, 1996

Video Pick of the Week – Gene Kelly tribute, Singin’ In the Rain, The Pirate, An American In Paris

7 thoughts on “Broken Arrow, Black Sheep, Beautiful Girls, A Midwinter’s Tale, Antonia’s Line, 1996

  • Well, that was an interesting show for Gene. Changing his thumb direction mid-review (only time either critic has ever done that), followed by admitting to walking out on a movie that he couldn’t take. I know there are a lot of Farley fans out there, but he’s a poor man’s Belushi to me.
    “Do me a favor: Say I was wrong about ‘Cop and a Half.'”
    “I saw things in ‘Cop and a Half’…”
    “…that no one else did!”
    Classic, especially since “Cop and a Half” was 3 years ago!

    • Maybe this was on the old website, but in response to Gene asking Roger about Cop and a Half, Roger could’ve said this, “Well, to make you happy, it is no longer in my Video Companion, I took it out of this year’s.” I’m referring to the 1996 Video Companion.

  • Saw Black Sheep on cable and saw why Gene walked out on it. It sucked shit!!!!! Tommy Boy was awful too.

  • Interesting that Branaugh’s next film was a full length version of Hamlet that Christmas.

  • I’m glad Gene walked out of Tommy Boy. Why waste your precious time on movies you hate? (I didn’t hate it like he did, I actually liked Chris Farley, but certainly if you’re going to compare him to Belushi and Candy, he’s going to come out on the losing side. Who wouldn’t?)

    I think I remember seeing Beautiful Girls back then…. it certainly made no impression on me. When they mentioned that it was a movie about Generation X, my own generation, I reflected that there have been a lot, I mean A LOT, of movies about what kind of people we are but very few movies about what we’ve done. A review for a play I wrote decades ago, about similar material, called the play “navel-gazing,” a phrase which has always stuck with me: a generation just sitting around staring at our bellybuttons. That’s harsh (although I deserved it), but how many movies have there been about how our lives are front-loaded with ennui because we’re the children of divorce and we missed the 60s, when everything happened? There were so many great teen movies about Generation X in the 1980s; maybe all that focus on us at an early age left us unmotivated to go out and define ourselves. Just a passing thought.

    Beautiful tribute to Gene Kelly, not as much what they said as the clips they played. When you’re that good, the best eulogy is to just shut up and play the hits. When you watch him dance, it’s obvious what was lost when he died.

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