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4 thoughts on “Hoffa, Trespass, Chaplin, Lorenzo’s Oil, Peter’s Friends, 1992

  • The film is called Peter’s Friends, not Friend.

  • Roger says, “One day, computers will be able to create entire movies, and the visual possibilities are breathtaking.” That day wasn’t long in coming; this was the end of 1992 and Toy Story debuted at the end of 1995, and it certainly was breathtaking…. however, Roger certainly lived to see his words prove ironic as well as prophetic, as filmmakers’ imaginations seemed to shrink as the technical possibilities at their fingertips grew and grew. I don’t think he had Cars 2 and The Emoji Movie in mind when he talked about the visual possibilities of digital animation.

    • The 90% of everything is crap rule probably applies. If any art form made it easy to strike gold every time, there’d be no need for critics. It’s worth sifting through the crappy CGI movies to see the great ones that couldn’t have been made otherwise, like a lot of Pixar’s stuff. The Ian Malcolm rule of science applies to the bad ones also. They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

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