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Worst of 1992

The Babe, Medicine Man, Folks!, Christopher Columbus: The Discovery, Whispers in the Dark, Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot, Shadows and Fog, Toys, Frozen Assets, Shining Through

11 thoughts on “Worst of 1992

  • That “taste my strudel” line was hilarious, and I know that wasn’t the intention! “Shining Through” was a strange secondary choice by Roger, since he gave it 2 stars in the Sun Times. He gave zero to “Frozen Assets”. Don’t know why they both couldn’t choose that as worst movie, since they both chose “North” 2 years later.

  • I saw some of these movies and they really were crap. 1992 must have been a weak year.

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  • Actually 1992 was a great year for movies, as the now-available Best Of 1992 episode readily attests. Two words: well, one word and one letter: Malcolm X. ‘Nuff said.

    Toys was an awful film, it’s true, but I can’t help having some affection for it. It was filmed near where I live (Spokane, WA) and Robin Williams came in to the bookstore where I worked in the evenings sometimes, a very quiet, polite, calm man, always friendly but you felt the weight of his manic celebrity and you just wanted to leave him alone. A few times I told customers we didn’t have a particular book just to get rid of them so he could have the place to himself.

    • That’s cool but that last part might’ve been bad for business. 😉 I heard once that the first advice for anyone who becomes famous is to pay for everything with a check, because a lot of people will keep it for your signature rather than cash it. I wonder if he paid with a check? 😀

      • JediJones, I’m afraid I don’t remember if he paid with a check. I don’t even remember what books he bought. I’d love to say I recommended a children’s book called “Mrs. Doubtfire” to him, but…. nope.

  • I enjoyed (and still do) The Babe, no matter what Siskel & Ebert say about it, in fact I think it’s an underrated film, IMO.

  • Man oh man, 1992 was a bad year for Tom Selleck. Three terribly reviewed box office flops. I kinda liked Mr. Baseball though. Anyways It was back to tv after that. I was never a big fan but I did like him. He just wasn’t a movie star. He was a lot like James Garner, charming and likable but made for the small screen.

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