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5 thoughts on “Legend, At Close Range, Wise Guys, Louie Bluie, 1986

  • I remember that not a lot of critics liked Wise Guys when it came out. I haven’t seen it in years but I did enjoy it and also like it because my cousin did the score for this film.
    Also, Piscopo and DeVito appeared in another gangster comedy, Johnny Dangerously.

  • At the end, they didn’t show the clips for what they were going to review the next week. Why?

  • Legend was SUCH a huge disappointment. The man behind Alien and Blade Runner makes this – with the legendary Rob Bottin no less on FX. I was a bit heartbroken by this damn film. And so annoying!

  • With Louie Bluie, loved reading Roger’s review of it, which talked about him going to that bar in 1970 and going back week after week for over a year to see Howard Armstrong and his band. Also, they talk about making docs. Well, Roger did.

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