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2 thoughts on “Man Trouble, A Stranger Among Us, Honey I Blew Up the Kid, Cool World, The Hours and Times, 1992

  • I actually read about the troubled history of Cool World. Originally, Ralph Bakshi wrote a completely different movie than the one we have and it was more of a hard-R horror film. The film’s producer, who did some of the Friday the 13th movies, was tired of making horror films, and requested changes against Bakshi’s wishes. This led to Bakshi punching the producer in the face and Paramount threatened legal action if he didn’t finish the movie. When Kim Basinger was cast as Holli Wood (a role created with Drew Barrymore in mind), she demanded that the film should be toned down so she can show the movie to sick children in hospitals. And the animators weren’t even given a script, so they had to make scenes up. The whole thing explains why the movie is so incomprehensible, so Gene’s assumption that the movie was made by a committee is actually correct.

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