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Worst of 1985

Return to Oz, Godzilla 1985, St.Elmo’s Fire, Fever Pitch, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure,
The Bride, Perfect, Target, Maxie, Brewster’s Millions, The Man With One Red Shoe, A View to A Kill

10 thoughts on “Worst of 1985

  • Well, Roger was at Gene’s funeral 20 years ago. He was one of the pallbearers. I don’t think though, he remembered this moment from Worst of 1985 though.

  • The reason why Return to Oz was hated for it’s dark content is because the critics didn’t bother to read the source material. The L Frank Baum books were dark and scary too. The Tin Man even dismembered himself in the first book. And Tik-Tok isn’t a rip off of C-3PO. He’s from the books and looks exactly the same. This shows that they didn’t read the books. I also find it ironic that they knew that Star Wars wasn’t exactly original, yet they keep comparing Tik-Tok to C-3PO.

  • Patrick, you mentioned several times how they didn’t do their research of “Return to Oz”. I’ve never seen this movie so I can’t elaborate. Was the scene where Dorothy gets shock treatment in the book? It sounds pretty inappropriate, even in a story that’s intended to be dark. Maybe comparing this to the original movie was unfair. I don’t know.

    Definitely no disputing Fever Pitch and St. Elmo’s Fire belonging on this show. Both were incredibly offensive for different reasons.

    Critics also loved to dump on Perfect, but I didn’t think it was that bad. I call this movie a missed opportunity and it could’ve been interesting with better writing.

    Strange reaction from Gene on Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Roger liked it a lot when he finally saw it. Gene might’ve come around on this eventually, or at least acknowledged the talents of Tim Burton.

    • Fever Pitch and St Elmo’s Fire really do suck. Both are just evil movies. Return to Oz is underrated because it had likable characters who helped Dorothy. Fever Pitch is a pro gambling movie that pretends to be anti gambling. The characters in St Elmo’s Fire are evil monsters who don’t deserve to live.

      • Well if you detest St. Elmo’s Fire with a passion, chances are you must be completely woke or just an SJW.

    • The reason Siskel didn’t like the Pee Wee movie is that he knew the Pee Wee stage show and the Letterman appearances. The character was originally a weird, campy parody of kiddy shows, definitely for adults; but when they made the movie, they just made it into a straight kiddy show. And then he literally got a kiddy show on Saturday mornings. Probably Paul Reubens had to go in that direction, since there wasn’t much more he could do with his gimmick. But from Siskel’s perspective, he was watching something offbeat and racy being Disneyfied.

  • I had to keep repeating myself because I’ve read the book. The review basically insults me because of how they compared the movie to the 1939 film, which proves that they never read the book.

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