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2 thoughts on “The Hot Spot, Mr. Destiny, Memphis Belle, Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael, 1990

  • I like Hot Spot a lot. Almost made my top 20 for 1990. Steamy neo noir from Dennis Hopper and just the sight of Jennifer Connelly in not much at all…. definitely worth it. Siding with Rog on this one.

    Remember liking Mr. Destiny but haven’t seen it in a few decades, so that would need revisit.

    I have issues with Memphis Belle, but as throwaway entertainment it’s fine.

    Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael is a fun, underrated little film….. gotta love Dinky Bossetti.

  • Funny, Quincy Jones is inadvertently criticizing say John Williams, with an over the top, over-done score like ET.

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