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4 thoughts on “Taxi Driver, The Man Who Would Be King, Hester Street, The Story of Adele H, Sharon’s Baby, 1976

  • Okay, Gene’s review of Taxi Driver is just laughable. Was he really expecting a love story in this movie? I’m with Roger, Taxi Driver is a masterpiece.

  • Very odd reaction by Gene over “Taxi Driver”. The violence at the end was entirely necessary. At least it still made his Top 10 list. A bit of trivia: Take a close look at one of Travis Bickle’s earliest customers. It is someone you’ll easily recognize. Pretty gutsy first role for 12-year-old Jodie Foster.

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  • From the Chicago listings for Monday, March 1, 1976. Taxi Driver opened in early February, so I’m guessing this Taxi Driver episode must have been the one that aired on March 1 and is probably the first episode after the pilot. We know there were several weeks after the pilot where there was radio silence on the status of the show. Then Thea Flaum met with Siskel and Ebert and convinced them she could make the show work. What I don’t understand is why Thea Flaum’s name is not listed in the credits for this episode.


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