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3 thoughts on “Ransom, Set It Off, Mad Dog Time, Mother Night, The Funeral, 1996

  • Their rant about Mad Dog Time is probably the highlight of this week’s show, in fact they hated it so much that would have skewered it together as the worst film of 1996 however Gene ended up winning the coin toss which meant that Roger had to pick Little Indian, Big City as the worst film of 1996. Both films got zero stars from both Gene and Roger.

  • Classic thrashing of Mad Dog Time, which was an easy choice for worst movie of 1996 for both critics. It was an obvious lame ripoff of Tarantino and Scorsese. And what does it taking place in another dimension have to do with anything else in the movie? It’s a mystery how inept projects like this get green-lit.

    • Their treatment of the film’s writer wasn’t better either. In May 1997, they trashed a crime movie called Underworld, written by the same guy that gave us Mad Dog Time.

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