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The Prince of Egypt, Shattered Image, Little Voice, A Simple Plan, Central Station, 1998

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5 thoughts on “The Prince of Egypt, Shattered Image, Little Voice, A Simple Plan, Central Station, 1998

  • Gene here is roughly a year from death. At the time, I certainly didn’t notice, but I sure can now – he is not the same. He must have had a surgery around or before this show. It really makes me sad to see this year’s eps and watch him deteriorate throughout the year. I can even sense Roger looking at him with an underlying concern.

    • Just to add that, yes I was right. I checked. A Simple Plan was a December 1998 movie; Gene died February 1999. So this is actually a mere 3 months or less till he died.

      • This was near the end of his life with us. I don’t think he had another surgery at the time. This was just the results of him weakening from the June surgery. From what I know, he died due to complications from another surgery he was doing during his time off. Roger was very concerned about him, true. He may not have known the whole story, but he could see Gene getting weaker and weaker but he had hoped he would come back in September 1999.

  • My mom recently died of the same brain tumor that Gene had. She wasn’t diagnosed until two months before she died and none of us knew there was anything wrong with her until a week before her diagnosis. It’s possible she had it for over six months or more.

    The interesting thing with Gene is that I started noticing his speech change as far back as 1996. I’ve been watching these seasons in order and when I got to the ’96 season I noticed he would sometimes slur certain words. Like the word ‘love’ might sound like ‘luuuve’. So he definitely had the building blocks of that tumor for sometime.

    My mom’s speech was never impacted at all until her last week.

    • That’s sad, Jeff. One would hope we could learn something about preventing or diagnosing an illness by seeing a famous person go through it in some way. But unfortunately it seems some of these diseases don’t always follow the same pattern.

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