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Academy Award Surprises for 1989, 1990

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Some of the movies that Roger and Gene discuss in regards to the 1990 Academy Awards picks: Driving Miss Daisy, Born On the Fourth of July, My Left Foot, Dead Poet Society, Field of Dreams.

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2 thoughts on “Academy Award Surprises for 1989, 1990

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  • I couldn’t agree more with Gene & Roger about Do the Right Thing and Roger & Me, and when they say “20 years from now, what movies will people be talking about?” they hit the nail on the head. THIRTY years later, DTRT and R&M are often-watched classics while most of the movies nominated for awards are long forgotten. Driving Miss Daisy was a well-made movie, beyond question, but it did not deserve all the accolades it got. It was safe, and how often has the Academy been accused of taking chances?

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