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One thought on “Thelma & Louise, Hangin’ With The Homeboys, Dice Rules, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, 1991

  • I agree completely with Roger about the final shot of Thelma & Louise. They go over the cliff and the picture immediately turns WHITE, bright white, with uplifting music playing, and then straight into the credits, as though the ending is a triumph of some kind. Personally I think if you end up in a bloody heap at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, you’ve made a seriously wrong turn somewhere and you don’t have a lot to feel triumphant about. Otherwise it’s a great movie all the way, brilliant acting, dialogue, camerawork, you name it. But it’s a tragedy: the women should never have been boxed into making the decision to drive off the cliff, the freedom that they celebrate on the road is taken away from them by the men around them, and finally they feel they have no choice but to leave. That’s tragedy, not triumph.

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