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8 thoughts on “Wag the Dog, Home Alone 3, For Richer or Poorer, Deconstructing Harry, Scream 2, 1997

  • Roger’s review of Home Alone 3 makes no sense. He didn’t like the first movie because he found it unrealistic. He didn’t like the second film because of it’s use of cartoon violence. Did he forget that he said those things?

    • Sometimes I wondered about him. Did the popcorn fumes affect his brain again?

  • And he says “This movie empowers little kids”. And the first two didn’t? Roger, you were my all-time favorite critic, but not one word of this review made any sense!

    • How did the first movie not empower kids? Sure, Home Alone may not be realistic, but Kevin is a very smart character.

  • wag the dog, home alone 3 & deconstructing harry i like & enjoy

  • I have a suggestion as to why Roger liked Home Alone 3 for illogical reasons. I’m just guessing, but I think on the day he went to see Home Alone 3, he LIKED IT. And he didn’t check his old reviews to see if it made sense for him to like it. He just liked it, and he said he liked it. I didn’t know the guy, but I feel like that was pretty much his method.

    • He doesn’t have to check his old reviews when he is reviewing a sequel. Yes, he has done that at times, though, but it isn’t required. The way he worked was how did he feel watching the current film and he apparently liked it. Sometimes it can be a little strange what he likes or doesn’t like, but that is the way film criticism works even today.

  • First, Ebert (and of course, Siskel) liked Speed 2 and now he liked Home Alone 3. He must’ve had a bone in his brain for liking it.

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