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2 thoughts on “Seven Years in Tibet, RocketMan, Boogie Nights, Gang Related, Washington Square, 1997

  • Boogie Nights is the first and only movie where I didn’t get in because of my age. I was 16, I was with my buddy and two girls. The guy at the front sold us tickets but one of the ushers snitched on us. As he was kicking us out my buddy yells out “But I wanna see the 12 inch cock!” I laughed for maybe a half our straight. It’s funny because I had been going to R rated movies since I was six years old. Predator, T2, Nightmare on Elm Street movies, no one ever said a word. I saw the People vs Larry Flyn a few months earlier without a problem. Probably because it was the burbs and not in Chicago where I lived/live.

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