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Worst Movies of the Summer – “No more of this junk…please!”, 1985

The Bride, American Flyers, St. Elmo’s Fire, The Man With One Red Shoe, Return To Oz, Day of the Dead, A View to A Kill, Brewster’s Millions

11 thoughts on “Worst Movies of the Summer – “No more of this junk…please!”, 1985

  • The reason why Return to Oz was hated back in 1985 is because the critics didn’t bother to read the source material. The L Frank Baum books were dark and scary too. The Tin Man even dismembered himself in the original book.

    • But, as Gene put it here, they had advertised it as more true to the original books. Like the original film stunk? C’mon, it’s great! They didn’t try to do Return to Oz in the same way. No music, not deliciously scary, nothing.

      • So you want the movie to be exactly like the 1939 musical? Also, since Gene compared Tik Tok to C-3PO, it shows that they never read the books.

        • I don’t recall Gene doing that. I know in Roger’s print review he said the character looked ripped off from Star Wars. Well, it sort of does, doesn’t it? And I think it would’ve been better as a musical and be at least upbeat and cheerful, like the original was.

          • No because it would be extremely watered down and fans of the books would be suing Disney for pandering to the nostalgia of the original. Also, just look at the illustrations of the book. He looks exactly like he did in the movie, so Roger’s arguments really hold no water and anyone who agrees with their review of the film clearly hadn’t actually read the books.

  • I hate to say it but American Flyers looks like a good movie.

  • Tom Hanks, a second rate Bill Murray. Well, at the time, yes. But give him a few years…….

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  • Okay, I harped on their Return to Oz review many times, but they are right on the money on St Elmo’s Fire. There’s nothing to like about these characters.

    • Well if you detest St. Elmo’s Fire with a passion, chances are you must be completely woke or just an SJW.

      • By your logic, these guys must be completely woke or just an SJW!

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