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Best of 1998

Primary Colors, There’s Something About Mary, The Truman Show, Shakespeare In Love, Elizabeth, Saving Private Ryan, The Thin Red Line, Pleasantville, Dark City, Babe Pig In The City, Waking Ned Devine, Simon Birch, Antz, Life Is Beautiful, Happiness, A Simple Plan

10 thoughts on “Best of 1998

  • My favorite film of 1998 was Saving Private Ryan. The Babe sequel was second.

  • Its just hard to believe, and also uplifting, that Gene was pushing himself to live, and to do this show up to the very end. I imagine this ep was in January, a month or mere weeks before he died.

    • Might’ve been right at the end of 1998 this taping. Not sure if they did them before or after the New Year, even though they would air after New Year’s Eve. I do know that they usually complied their lists right at year’s end, even a week or so before, since I’ve seen that in newspapers and such in the past with other critics.

  • Do you have the episode with “Dark City?”

  • For me Saving Private Ryan had to be the best film of 1998 and it wasn’t even close

  • Not only did Roger call Dark City the best film of 1998 and placed the film on his Great Movies series, he even recorded a DVD commentary on the film.

  • Funny that Roger said there wasn’t enough time to discuss all 20 films (2 top ten lists), yet starting in 2003 he did do that with Richard.

  • Out of all those choices, I wasn’t a fan of Pleasantville. I didn’t see the stuff they saw in it and had questions about it at the end, like why the Don Knotts character is mad at Bud for colorizing the place and then at the end seems happy about it, for example.

  • I wonder if Gene did go back and see Dark City again like he said here.

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