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4 thoughts on “Willow, Jack’s Back, Assault of The Killer Bimbos, Powaqqatsi, Da, 1988

  • The two-headed dragon is called an Eborsisk, as in Siskel and Ebert. Yeah, they never gave thumbs up to Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and American Graffiti did they? (sarcasm) John Carpenter parodied them in They Live, but unlike Willow, there is some context.

    • The dragon was probably revenge for them picking Howard the Duck as one of the year’s worst movies. Could also have been Ron Howard’s doing as they gave Night Shift and Splash two thumbs down and Ebert was down on Gung-Ho also. Another villain in the movie is named after Pauline Kael. Siskel and Ebert got in a couple other movies as well. The Ref has a General Siskel and Godzilla (1998) has Mayor Ebert with an assistant named Gene.

  • Interesting that Roger did this show while having the flu. He seemed okay to me. Must’ve taken some medicine before the show and they probably did a break or two.

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