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4 thoughts on “Porky’s II: The Next Day, Stroker Ace, Eddie Macon’s Run, Mr. Hulot’s Holiday, They Don’t Wear Black Tie, 1983

  • Ewww! Stroker Ace and Porky’s II! What a double bill! After that, both critics deserve warm zephyr-like breezes! Judging only by those scenes they showed, I’m staying far away from these movies! An air-headed dialogue between Burt and Lonnie and the Pee Wee Morris character behaving like a total woman-hating jerk! Yeah, sign me up for those! And they disliked all of the new movies on this show. I guess 1983 really was a bad year for movies.

    That was a very funny sight gag from that old French movie. It could’ve used John Williams’ Jaws music. Wonder if it really gave Peter Benchley and Spielberg the inspiration.

    • I told you 1983 was a bad year for movies. Even a friend of mine who is a critic of Siskel and Ebert agrees with me.

      • Well, you also said that 1982 was a great year for movies. So, I guess that got balanced out by the next year being bad.

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