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8 thoughts on “Batman Forever, The Incredibly True Adventure of 2 Girls in Love, Smoke, Safe, 1995

  • This for me is one of the funniest moments ever. The end argument about the age of the actors in 2 Girls In Love. And Gene rolls his eyes. So good.

  • Like is it just me or does Ebert hate every Batman film? He always has thumbs down every time like Batman films can never win with Ebert.

  • Batman Begins got Two Thumbs Up from Ebert & Roeper.

    • Yeah but the Joel Silver Batman films were not that bad especially Batman Forever

      • Ok, come on, they were awful. I almost walked out of Batman Forever.

        • Actually, I just realized I have never seen Batman Forever. I confused it with Batman & Robin…Yuck!

          BTW, don’t you mean Joel Schumacher?

    • Ebert liked all 3 Nolan Batman films. In his review here he seems to be wishing that a film like Batman Begins would be made when he talks about how weak Batman’s character development is in these movies. Glad to see he got his wish fulfilled by Nolan.

  • I really liked the first Tim Burton Batman, but had a mixed reaction to the second one. It got a bit too grotesque for me. The Schumacher Batman films were terrible, IMO. He nearly destroyed the series, and Chris Nolan rescued it.

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